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Kindergarten Health Requirements

The school health program is under the supervision of the Student Services Department. A full-time school nurse is located at each building.

Required Exams for Kindergarten

According to state law, each child must have a physical examination and the required immunizations, a dental and a vision exam. Forms must be filled out by the medical professional and returned to the school nurse. The physical exam must be submitted before the first day of school, the vision exam must be submitted by October 15th of the current school year and the dental exam must be submitted by May 15th of the current school year.

The physical exam must be completed within one year prior to the first day of school and should be filed with the school nurse by . Required immunizations include diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, rubella, mumps, meningitis, hepatitis B, and varicella.

Download Physical Exam Form  Must be completed within 12 months prior to the first day of school. Due before the first day of school.

Download Vision Exam Form  Must be completed within one year prior to the first day of school. Due to the nurse by October 15th of the kindergarten school year.

Download Dental Exam Form  Must be completed within 18 months prior to the due date of May 15th of the kindergarten school year.

You are strongly encouraged to submit required health exam forms prior to the noted deadlines as this will assist our health office staff in ensuring your child's records are up to date.

When to Keep Your Child Home

Please notify the school nurse or administrative assistant if your child has a communicable disease such as strep throat or chicken pox. If your child has an undiagnosed rash, consult with your physician before sending your child to school. Call the school if you suspect pediculosis (head lice). Any health problem that might affect your child’s work should be communicated to the teacher and the school nurse.

Please keep your child at home with a fever or at the onset of an upper respiratory infection. If your child has had a fever, keep them home until he/she is fever-free for 24 hours without the use of a fever-reducing agent. Similar health and safety measures should be applied if your child has vomited or has diarrhea.

To prevent the spread of infections, please teach your child to cough or sneeze into the inside of his or her elbow and then wash his/her hands after.

Medical Care at School

All medication administered at school requires written parent permission and a doctor’s note. This includes over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol and Advil. The doctor’s order may be faxed or e-mailed to the school nurse. Please complete the Medication Administration Request Form and bring to school. Please note the form needs to be signed by both the parent and physician.

Accidents at School

If an accident should occur at school, first aid is given as soon as possible. The phone number you provided at registration will be used to contact you in the case of serious accidents, starting with your home phone or cell phone number. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, we will contact the emergency contacts you provided at registration who are authorized to pick up your child during the day in case of illness. The emergency contact will be responsible in your absence.

Please report to the school immediately any changes in your telephone numbers, your child’s physician’s telephone number and the contacts you provided online at registration.

Other Issues

For additional information on health services, please visit the Health Services Page.