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Home Practice for K-5

Homework Transitions to Home Practice

District 28 regularly reviews best practices across all facets of education. In 2018-19, our three elementary buildings participated in a joint effort among staff and parents to review and update homework practices across K-5. Approximately 80 parents participated in the two-parent forums on June 26 and 27. The results of research, discussion, and debate led to the development of the Home Practice philosophy and expectations. We will continue to consider how to adapt these approaches to ensure that we are best meeting the needs of students and families. 

Homework vs. Home Practice

As a result of the discussions around homework, there was consensus to rebrand what we previously thought of as homework into “home practice.” We believe that this branding is important to help students understand that practicing academic skills across settings will help lead to growth, just as it does with practicing sports or musical instruments, etc.


In District 28, home practice is intended to bring learning beyond the walls of the classroom to reinforce, practice, and apply concepts and skills taught at school. Home practice will include a variety of differentiated and purposeful practice opportunities across subject areas while also serving as a communication platform between teachers and parents. Additionally, home practice is intended to support students in establishing characteristics of a successful learner such as responsibility, time management, and other executive functioning skills.


  • Kindergarten--Teachers will provide families with options for shared reading, sight-word lists, games, and math concepts to reinforce skills taught in class.  
  • 1st/2nd grades--Students will receive approximately 10-20 minutes of home practice per night.
  • 3rd grade--Students will receive approximately 30 minutes of home practice per night.
  • 4th/5th grades--Students will receive approximately 40 minutes of home practice per night.