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E-Learning Plan


The State of Illinois allows for a school district to implement e-learning days in lieu of the district’s scheduled emergency days for situations that would otherwise cause a school district to close down its operations, such as for inclement weather (excessive snow, blizzard, extreme cold, etc.) or other emergency. The creation of this plan does not guarantee that e-learning will be used in lieu of an emergency day.


Each student has access to a school-issued technology device. In District 28, iPads/laptops/chargers will be sent home with students. These devices are filtered both at school and home. More than 99% of District 28 family households have internet access. Any students who do not have internet access will receive hotspots so they are able to access the internet. If a child is unable to submit work online due to technical issues, a staff member will work with the family to make arrangements for an opportunity for the work to be completed. Students who are unable to connect through the internet will have access to non-electronic materials.Each District 28 teacher has access to a district-issued technology device and the necessary software and websites, including Google Classroom and Seesaw. Other staff members will be provided with the appropriate technology resources, as determined by their job responsibilities associated with e-learning.


Teachers will use lessons and learning activities aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards to address math, literacy, social studies/science, PE, world language, and fine arts. The student day will consist of 5 clock hours of instruction and/or school work.

Teachers will deliver instruction through any combination of recorded video or screencast, live-stream whole-class or small group video conferencing, independent/flexible student work time, and virtual student check-ins and/or class meetings. Teachers will consider a student’s control related to time, pace, and means of learning in regard to the student’s participation.

Students with Special Needs/Accommodations

Students with special needs will have assignments modified based on their unique needs. This includes the following: students eligible for special education; students receiving English Learner services; students experiencing homelessness; and vulnerable student populations.


Assignments must be completed and submitted for valid attendance each day. The first assignment for the day will be related to attendance. Parents of students who cannot participate in e-learning can call or submit an absence to their respective schools.

Training & Communication

The district will send direct communication to parents explaining the e-learning plan, and it will be posted on the district website. Teachers, staff, and students will receive information regarding general expectations and responsibilities of the program at least 30 days prior to using an e-learning day.

Resources and training for staff will be provided on e-learning instruction. Principals will review expectations with staff at the teacher institute and/or faculty and learning team meetings. Instructional coaches and technology support staff will provide training and assistance.


All teachers have been assigned a laptop and iPad for use at school and at home. Tools and resources used during e-learning are consistent with tools and resources used on a regular basis. As a result, students will be familiar with the digital tools needed to be successful in e-learning. Teachers and specialists will be available for support throughout the learning day. Parents and students can email their teacher/specialist or post a question in Google Classroom/Seesaw.

Program Evaluation & Feedback

Following the implementation of an e-learning day, District 28 will collect feedback from faculty, parents, and students to determine the impact of the program and to address issues for improvement.