Halloween 2020

Costumes Allowed on Halloween

Costumes will be allowed in K-5 for both in-person and RLA students. If your child chooses to wear a costume, please observe the following guidelines:
  • Costumes will be worn all day. We’re discouraging parents from picking up in-person students for lunch this year as this will create challenges for social distancing.
  • Costumes for ALL students must not be overly scary and may not include replica weapons or excessive blood or gore.
  • Costumes for in-person students must allow for the following:
    • Hands not covered and able to be washed/use sanitizer
    • Students should be able to sit comfortably for the day
    • Students should be able to use the bathroom without assistance
    • Students' faces should be visible so that they are able to wear a typical face mask with their costume
    • Please avoid inflatable or extra-large costumes
*In lieu of PTO-organized classroom parties, students will participate in fun, socially distanced activities throughout the day. We will work with our PTO to provide individually wrapped craft bags for our RLA students that will be available for pick-up on 10/28.