Student tech resources

Tech Resources for Home Support

Every classroom has a digital space where students can access information, assignments, and add artifacts of their learning. Seesaw is the platform used in grades K-2 and by our specials teachers (Art, Music, PE, and Spanish). Google Classroom is used in 3rd-5th grade as their main digital learning space, but some 3-5 teachers may also use Seesaw from time to time. Parents may request access to Google Classroom via their child's credentials. Teachers may also send home access to other electronic supports as appropriate for the grade level (e.g., online reading platforms, typing practice, etc.). Your child's teachers are always the best resource to learn about supporting learning via these platforms at home. 

Please note that if a child is home under a COVID quarantine and is participating in remote learning, assignments for specials classes (music, art, P.E., Spanish) can be found on Seesaw for all grades.

Only 5th graders bring home iPads on a daily basis. Students in K-4 may bring home iPads if they are learning remotely or if there is a special assignment from a teacher.