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MPC Wreath & Coffee Sale

Support Music Programs

The annual Music Parents Club Wreath & Coffee sale is online and ongoing through Oct. 30.

Order beautiful wreaths, sweet treats and coffee products with proceeds benefiting the District 28 music programs. This fundraiser makes many of the out-of-classroom experiences possible. It pays for field trips, guest conductors, uniforms and so, so, much more. 
Due to COVID restrictions, all sales will be electronic. By visiting the Wreath & Coffee sale site, customers can select items, give credit to specific students or credit the organization in general. Student sales will be delivered directly to the customer's home by the student. Or, if the sale goes to the organization in general, customers will pick up items between 2 and 6 p.m. on Nov. 15, 16 or 17 at Northbrook Sports Center, located at Pfingsten & Walters. 
Please place orders as soon as possible so that the same great supplier can meet the demand under COVID operating conditions. The MPC has guaranteed a minimum in order to keep the same top-quality supplier. With music families understandably anxious about going door-to-door to sell, we are asking our past customers to reach out to someone that may have purchased a wreath in the past and share the order website: