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Staff, Parents Line Up for First-Ever Blood Drive

A Community Blood Drive in Northbrook collected 46 pints of blood on Saturday, Sept. 10 -- enough to save 138 lives.

Staff members, parents and residents took time out of their day to donate at Greenbriar School, 2195 Cherry Lane. This is the first blood drive Northbrook District 28 has sponsored, which was organized by Greenbriar School Nurse Haley  Sachs in honor of a colleague who is battling cancer, instructional assistant Grace Lombardo, and a cancer survivor, Director of Student Services Dr. Kelly Sculles.

Kristin Corradini, a parent of Westmoor and Northbrook Junior High students, said she is not a regular donor. She decided to donate Saturday because it was tied to the community and convenient. “When you make it convenient (right here at the school), people are more inclined to do it,” she said.

Mrs. Lombardo's battle with cancer and the possibility that she may need a blood transfusion drove home the importance of donating blood, Ms. Sachs said.

“One pint can save up to three lives!” Haley said, as she finished donating in a new personal record of 4 minutes and 11 seconds.

The event was such a success, there are already plans to do it again next year.

Haley Sachs and Grace Lombardo at the blood drive.

Greenbriar School Nurse Haley Sachs visits with Grace Lombardo, a colleague being treated for cancer, at the first-ever District 28 blood drive on Saturday, Sept. 10 at Greenbriar School