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Quarantine Guidelines for Post-Spring Break Travel

Quarantine Guidelines for Post-Spring Break Travel

Please review the emergency travel order map, which was updated April 6 if you are traveling out of state to determine if your child is required to quarantine.

Grades 6-8

We ask that students be proactive if they know they will be out of school the week following spring break. This includes checking in with teachers about procedures they need to follow, as well as checking Google Classroom for most courses to access class assignments. Unless individual teachers have made arrangements ahead of time, in-person classrooms are not set up to have absent students Zoom into their classes.

Grades K-5

Teachers will continue to post assignments on SeeSaw or Google Classroom so students at home can access and complete work. Students in quarantine are also encouraged to use Dreambox (math app), to read using hard copy books or the EPIC app, and to journal about their travels or other topics of choice. While students are quarantining, they will not have access to live instruction. However, to support students who will be absent, K-5 teachers or assistants will be offering Zoom office hours. Look for specific details from teachers on timing. These sessions are optional and will not include live instruction but will allow students to connect and ask questions. 

Please note, students who are quarantining will not have access to specials classes (art, music, P.E., Spanish). For students who receive services (i.e., special education, EL, GT, etc.), case managers or teachers will be available to answer questions via email, if needed. 

Young Explorers

For any student who is traveling and may need to quarantine upon return, YE teachers will send home iPads and chargers and will provide you with the Remote Learning Activity Grid, which includes different activities for nine areas of development that can be done at home. Teachers will also provide one opportunity per day for students to Zoom into the class during the Opening Meeting. These sessions will be optional for students. If you would like your child to participate in Opening Meeting, please email your classroom teacher in advance with the specific days you will be attending and they will provide you with the meeting time and Zoom link. Please note, students who are quarantining will not have access to specials classes (Motor Magic, Caring Community, etc.). For students who receive specialized services, case managers or teachers will be available to answer questions via email, if needed. *Please make sure to return chargers when students return! 

Travel Map/Test Timeline 

The Cook County Travel Guidance map updated on March 23 and went into effect Friday, March 26. If your family was in a state that transitioned from yellow to orange while on your vacation, your child will need to quarantine if you return Friday or later. Alternatively, if the state changes from orange to yellow, they will no longer be required to quarantine. Please note that the requirements on the travel map for testing before arriving back in Illinois do not apply to the school system. The district is requiring testing no earlier than the fifth day AFTER you return from an orange state in order to shorten the quarantine. The district nurses have compiled a list of local testing sites to assist you. The chart below provides specific dates/testing timeframes.

 travel testing dates