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Mathalon Champs

Mathalon Champs

Congratulations to Kristin Cho, Liana Malishkevich, and Sylvia Ugarcovici on their victory at the Woodlands Academy Mathalon competition on Oct. 2. The team tackled a series of math-related challenges alongside seven other teams from four other schools.

Unlike other paper-and-pencil math competitions and exam challenges this event brought together girls-only teams to tackle real-world questions with problem-solving and teamwork.

“We couldn’t really prepare because we didn’t know what to expect. Instead we had to use our knowledge and math skills from previous years,” said Sylvia Ugarcovici.

The three 8th-grade girls have grown up together solving math problems and participating in the stock market club at Westmoor School and the math club at NBJH.

Look out GBN!