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LIFT Day Pushes NBJH Students to Dream Big

LIFT Day Pushes NBJH Students to Dream Big

Career choices may seem a long way away for 12- to 14-year-old junior high students, but never underestimate the power of inspiration.

Every two years, parent volunteers organize L.I.F.T. Day (Looking Into the Future Together) at Northbrook Junior High, when all students spend an afternoon learning more about three occupations from people living the job every day.

This year, on April 23, every student can choose from 26 different careers for three 50-minute sessions. Because of COVID precautions, this year’s event will be conducted through Zoom.

“We have a parent who is a well-known complex cervical spine surgeon -- he's going to give us a tour of the operating room.  We have an author who has written four New York Times bestsellers, we have an ESPN sports announcer and we have a parent who runs a multi-million dollar real estate development company that spans multiple states,” said co-chair Jacquie Wahlstrom.

While it won’t be quite the same as previous years with in-person presentations, the program will be a valuable experience just the same.

“I wanted to make sure the 8th-graders didn’t miss out since LIFT Day is only held every two years and last year it was cancelled,” said co-chair Jane Ciancanelli, who is working on her third LIFT day. “I am excited to give the students a different perspective on how what they are learning in school can be used for a career in the future.”

NBJH Principal Scott Meek said the event is something both students and staff truly look forward to.

“It's an opportunity for students to participate in an experiential learning activity, and it's also a great way to make a stronger connection with our community members,” Dr. Meek said.

“Our PTO volunteers are incredibly helpful as they coordinate all of the guest presenters, create schedules for kids and work with the school liaisons on the logistics of the day. We are deeply appreciative of the extra efforts required to have a successful afternoon,” he said.

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