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District 28 Music Receives Outstanding Program Award

Northbrook District 28 received the Best Communities for Music Education designation  for the seventh time by The NAMM Foundation.

District 28 is one of 25 districts in Illinois, and 830 schools and/or districts nationwide, to receive this award in 2023 for its outstanding efforts to provide access to music education for all students.

“The consistency of receiving this recognition year after year is a testament to the core belief in the essential nature of music education in District 28,” said Band Director Greg Scapillato, who completed the survey application for the award.

General music education is offered 60 minutes a week for kindergarten through 5th grade and as an elective in junior high. The Northbrook District 28 instrumental music program has four concert bands, beginning with 4th grade, and five orchestras, beginning in 3rd grade. Small group instruction is offered during the day and ensemble rehearsals before school. A district-wide children’s choir is offered for 3rd through 5th grade, as well as several choral groups for 6th grade-8th grades. Between the bands, choirs, and orchestras, over 700 students are involved in the performing ensembles in District 28.

“I am very proud for our district to receive this award as an ongoing celebration of the community’s commitment to music education. Congratulations to all the music educators for their hard work and dedication,” said Superintendent Dr. Jason Pearson.

According to the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation, researchers have found that after two years of music education participants showed more substantial improvements in how the brain processes speech and reading scores than their less-involved peers, and that students who are involved in music are not only more likely to graduate high school, but also to attend college as well.

The instrumental music faculty performs at a recital.

The District 28 music faculty performed during an annual recital on April 19. The district recently received the Best Communities for Music Education designation for the seventh year by The NAMM Foundation. From left, Jennifer Stewart-Lee (orchestra) Bryan Kyrouac (band) Jamie Zimniok (band), Miek Govert (orchestra), Kathy Colsen (band), Greg Scapillato (band), Alexandria Hibbard-Brown (orchestra), Keri Stone (band), and Jenna Garcia (orchestra). Not pictured: Elementary music teachers Jeremy Bartunek, Abby Blair and Kathryn Finch.