Gr. 3-4 Course Descriptions

The cost per class for District 28 is $110, plus lab fees if noted in the course description. The cost per class for District 27 & District 31 students is $120, plus lab fees if noted in the course description.  

If you see an * after Period 4 in the course description this designates the class is a snack class. For additional information, please see our snack class guidelines in the Summer School FAQ for more information.  

Gr. 3-4 Courses

Enrichment Classes:

Book Club, Grade 3-4, Period 2 (Lab Fee $10) 
Book Club isn't simply about reading books, it's about sharing your ideas, opinions, and insight about the characters and conflict in a particular book. Book Club is an exciting and joyful experience, filled with laughter. Come and join our discussion!

Creating on the Computer, Grade 3-4, Period 1 & 2 
Students will use current programs in our Google Suite: Google Docs, Google Slides, and Goggle Draw. We will also use Comic Life & Word Art to create a variety of projects like greeting cards, podcasts, comics, and more. 

Creative Writing, Grade 3-4, Period 4* 
Students will engage in a variety of experimental exercises that will enable them to express themselves in fresh and unique ways.

Cursive Writing, Grade 3-4, Period 1 (Lab fee $5) 
Join us to learn & review the art of cursive writing. Students will have the opportunity to practice cursive letters and text with a variety of formats and writing utensils. This class will help you to develop your own personal style of handwriting. 

Directed Drawing, Grade 3-4, Period 2 (Lab fee $15) 
Do you love drawing, but don't know where to start? Do you want to learn how to draw an awesome unicorn? A great white shark? What about some of your favorite characters like Princess Poppy or Hagrid from Harry Potter? This class is for you! Learn how to create some incredible drawings through step-by-step directions from Art for Kids Hub and fun drawing activities.  

Ecology Kids, Grade 3-4, Period 3 (Lab fee $10) 
Children enjoy hands-on fun with science, nature, games, and eco-friendly art projects. Learning topics include bugs, the water cycle, habitats, food chains, pollution, and recycling. 

Elementary Physics, Grade 1-3 only, Period 1 (Lab fee $10) 
Students will explore light, magnetism, force/motion, optical illusions, density, surface tension, and more. There will be hands-on activities and experiments each day.

From Page to Stage, Grade 3-4, Period 3 
Students will work together to write, revise, and perform their own original plays. This class will help to develop writing and performing skills. We will work towards a performance for the end of summer school. The students who are enrolled in this class will need to be available to perform with the class the last week of summer school. 

Games, Grade 3-4, Period 2 & 4* 
This class will provide an opportunity to learn and participate in games that promote teamwork. The class will emphasize sportsmanship and fun. Children will work on their problem-solving skills and cooperative learning. 

Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Grade 3-4, Period 4* (Lab fee $20) 
This class combines fun, friendship, & fashion. Students will participate in a variety of activities including fashion drawing, card making, and scrapbooking. 

Globetrotters Two, Grade 3-4, Period 2 (Lab fee $15)  Grab your passport, and let’s take a trip around the world!  Using print and online resources, we will visit eight countries. Travelers will research each country and learn about the history and culture. We will listen to folktales, create craft projects, and write postcards home from their daily travels! If you have taken Globetrotters One, we visit different countries in Globetrotters Two. 

Jewelry Making, Grade 3-4, Period 3 (Lab fee $20) 
Learn how to make bracelets, anklets, earrings, and necklaces using different threading techniques. Each week will focus on a different piece of jewelry.

Keeping a Writer’s Notebook, Grade 3-4, Period 4* (Lab fee $5) 
Each student gets a writer’s notebook. This is a safe place for students to keep ideas and thoughts like real authors do. We will explore different genres and mentor text. The students will explore ideas, develop volume, revise, edit, and publish final pieces of their writing. This will be accomplished through a Writer’s Workshop format. This class is based on a Ralph Fletcher idea of keeping a Writer’s Notebook. 

Literacy Studio, Grade 3-4, Period 1 
Literacy Studio is the place to be if you love to read and write! We will spend our days together reading books, listening to stories read aloud, and writing our own creative stories. Students will also be given opportunities to work on technology tools during this class.  Many choices will be given so that your child can spend time doing what he or she loves the most. We will focus on different themes each week including both fiction and non-fiction types of literacy.

Making Books, Grade 3-4, Period 3 (Lab fee $ 10) 
Join us for daily adventures in writing. We’ll read fun stories and make up stories of our own to share with others. Students will read mentor texts and have the opportunity to create books based upon their life stories. They will also practice gathering ideas, writing stories, and illustrating their books.

Math Games, Grade 3-4, Period 2 & 4* 
Need to brush up, catch up, or keep up on math skills? Review math concepts and skills through individualized instruction, games, and lots of fun hands-on activities. We will focus on concepts learned throughout the school year, and students will gain confidence and a greater love for math all while having fun. 

Painting and Design, Grade 3-4, Period 1 & 3 (Lab fee $20)  Join us to learn the fundamentals of painting and design. Students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of art and design by exploring different principles and techniques using a variety of materials. Students will engage in a variety of experiences that will culminate in a final piece: a beautifully crafted landscape painting. 

Plant it, Eat it, & Love it, Grade 3-4, Period 1 & 2 (Lab fee $20) (Maximum Enrollment = 16 Students) 
Dig into our district vegetable garden this summer. Students will participate in planting, harvesting, and tasting vegetables. This class will include nutrition, study of plants, ecology, and garden-themed crafts.  

Reader’s Theatre, Grade 3-4, Period 2 & 3 
Each week students will be given a reader’s theater script to memorize and act out in their group. Then the group will create simple costumes and props to go with the reader’s theater play. They will perform their skit at the end of each week, creating four reader’s theater skits during the summer school session. Participation in the class will help students practice fluency & acting skills and to express creativity.

Scrapbooking, Grade 3-4, Period 4* (Lab fee $20) Learn to put together a fun, creative scrapbook by decorating pages with your own photos!  Students will learn how to cut pictures into unique shapes, write in creative ways, and organize in an unforgettable way! 


STEM, Grade 3-4, Period 3 & 4 (Lab fee $20)  Students will follow the problem-solving process with engaging project-based lessons that are based on real-world scenarios. Through each project, we will focus on building a growth mindset.

Theatre Games, Grade 3-4, Period 1 
This class will provide practice of basic acting skills through fun & engaging theatre games. Regardless of your acting ability, you can work on body movement, voice, and concentration while having fun at the same time!  

Time for Tech, Grade 3-4, Period 3 & 4 
This is the perfect class for the student who loves technology, being creative, and trying out new learning resources and skills. We will be spending part of our daily class time brushing up on our keyboard skills. We will use technology tools for lots of different things from creating projects, using new tools, and learning about technology. 

Athletic Classes:

Co-ed Basketball, Grade 3-4, Period 1 & 3 
Learn the basic skills, such as proper shooting form, passing, ball handling, v-cuts, pivoting, and defensive positioning. Students will participate in drills, shooting games, and scrimmages to help develop these skills. On Fridays, students will participate in a round robin tournament. 

Outdoor Strategy Games, Grade 3-4, Period 4* 
Do you want your child to learn some new outside games to play with their neighborhood friends? Does your child love to play a variety of active games outside? Outdoor strategy games will teach your child games they can play in the neighborhood. The games could include: Capture the Flag, Predator/Prey, Kick the Can, Survivor, Cops & Robbers, and more. Games involve teamwork, communication, and hard work. We will be teaching, and then playing one or two different games per week.

Soccer, Grade 3-4, Period 3 
Students will develop soccer skills, learn rules and concepts, and gain playing experience. Team play and strategy will be emphasized. 

Ultimate Sports, Grade 3-4, Period 1 & 2 
Students will be introduced to and explore a wide variety of field sports. We will play Kick Ball, Whiffle Ball, Frisbee, and so much more. Come experience what Ultimate Sports is all about. 

Yoga Grade 3-4 Period, 1 & 2 
This class will introduce students to a variety of basic yoga styles, with an emphasis on breathing, flexibility, and balance. The goal will be to develop a low-impact practice to enhance sports performance, dance, and overall agility by connecting yoga to relaxation, internal and external awareness and self-acceptance. Participants will need to bring their own mat, which they may leave in the classroom for the duration of the summer session.