Standards-Based Grading at NBJH

2018-19 Implementation Update

A task force of eight parents and eight teachers met twice in November and December, 2018, following implementation of Standards-Based Grading for the first trimester at Northbrook Junior High.

As we learn from our work and seek feedback from students, teachers and parents, we will continue to refine the process to enhance and improve Standards-Based Grading.

The Task Force met to review feedback collected from surveys of teachers, students and parents. Additional qualitative feedback was collected from focus groups of students and teachers. The group also reviewed the additional research articles and lessons learned from other area districts that have implemented standards-based grading.

The following changes were implemented for Trimester 2 & 3 2018-19

  • All summative assessments will have an opportunity for students to exceed expectations or earn a level 4 proficiency.
  • For all core academic classes, teachers will enter scores in PowerSchool for the Characteristics of a Successful Learner (CSL) at least 3-4 times throughout the trimester. Each score will represent the level of proficiency for each of the three categories during the given time frame. For PE/Health and elective classes that run 6-9 weeks in length, teachers will report scores 2-3 times during the marking period.
  • In situations where percentages are utilized to determine levels of proficiency, the following percentage scale will be used by teachers across all courses. ( * Rubrics may/will be still be used as a viable assessment method, in which case the percentage scale would not apply.) :
    • 93-100: Level 4 - Exceeds expectations
    • 83-92: Level 3 - Meets expectations
    • 73-82: Level 2 - Approaching expectations
    • Below 73: Level 1 - Below expectations

Report to the Board of Education

Superintendent Larry Hewitt presented an overview and update of the Standards-Based Grading philosophy to the Board of Education at its Feb. 26 regular meeting.

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2018-19 Implementation

2018-19 Implementation Northbrook Junior High implemented Standards-Based Grading across all subjects in the 2018-19 school year.
Dr. Scott Meek explained the changes in a letter to parents in August 2018.