Video Conferencing for Students

Remote Learning is a new concept for all of us. To that end, we have been looking for the best way to incorporate limited video conferencing for the purposes of short classroom meetings or possibly some small group or one-on-one work with specialized populations of students.

Limitations of Live Stream Video Conferencing

District 28 is not promoting the use of live streamed video for whole-class instruction for several reasons:

1. Bandwidth limitations 

Video uses a great deal of bandwidth. Any given household may have college, high school, jr. high, and/or elementary students competing for limited bandwidth. In addition, parents are likely to have video conferences for work and other obligations.

2. Asynchronous Learning

Live-streamed lessons do not allow students the ability to engage in asynchronous learning. By having teachers pre-record short lessons or explanations for completing activities, students can access the information on a time schedule that works best for each family’s circumstances. Further, a pre-recorded lesson/activity can be stopped and started by the child and can be viewed multiple times.

3. Group size

Live streaming for 20+ children is much more problematic than having everyone physically present in the same room together. The ability to successfully and productively interact over a live video stream drops dramatically the larger the group becomes and the younger the group becomes.
Therefore, live video conferencing will be used in a limited manner.

Video Conferencing Tools and Intended Use

On those occasions when a teacher or related service provider chooses to use live video conferencing, we will use two tools: the Zoom app concurrently with the Clever portal. By using both tools, we will have a safe and secure online environment for teachers and students.
Clever is a tool that allows students to access different learning tools through a quick sign-in process. From Clever’s website: “Clever has worked with school districts and learning applications to create a safe, secure, private, experience for every student. Clever is set up and managed by schools - so every resource your child sees on Clever has been selected by their school. The data in Clever is only used to support your child’s education - it is never sold or used for advertising.” For additional information, see

Zoom, a real-time video conferencing tool, will allow teachers to engage in short class meetings to build connections with students during Remote Learning. In addition, Northbrook 28 teachers may use live video conferencing through Zoom for check-ins and as a way to provide feedback to students. This tool will also be used with related services to support individual student goals; additional communication will be shared by the Student Services Department.

Expectations when Video Conferencing

During the use of live video conferencing, we expect students to respect the privacy of others by not taking pictures or recording the session; this includes not taking screenshots during a Zoom meeting. In addition, students should use proper online etiquette, including muting themselves when they are not talking and taking turns, so that everyone can participate in the discussion. When the session is over, students must close out the app once the teacher has ended the session. Most importantly, students need to be kind and respectful during the live video conferencing session.

Please review the District’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy  for more details.

Additionally, student-friendly versions of acceptable use of technology can be found here:
Grades K-2 Expectations  |  Grades 3-5 Expectations   |  Grades 6-8 Expectations

Technical Questions about Zoom and/or Clever

If you have technical questions regarding Zoom or Clever, please complete a tech ticket through the Northbrook 28 Parent Guide to Remote Learning website, which you can access here. It is helpful to have Google account credentials handy to streamline the troubleshooting process. If you have questions regarding live video conferencing, please feel free to reach out to your building principal.

If you experience any safety or security issues with technology tools, please contact your child’s teacher and principal immediately.

Since this is another new undertaking for us, we ask for your patience as we learn and grow together.