Garden and Outdoor Classroom

Garden Hosts Two Summer School Classes

The outdoor garden classroom hosts summer school classes as well as elementary science classes in fall and spring.

The garden hosts two  summer school courses focused around sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and ecology. In “Plant it. Eat it. Love it! Summer in the Vegetable Garden,” third through fifth graders plant, harvest, and taste vegetables, as they learn about ecology and create garden-themed crafts.

Junior high students in the “From Farm to Fork” course also help to maintain the garden, while learning about soil types, optimal times to plant and harvest different types of vegetables, and the role that local farmers markets play in sustaining the economy and the environment. Students in both gardening classes run an on-site farmer’s market where they sell vegetables they harvested from the garden, as well as garden-themed crafts.

The Harvest Gives Back

Proceeds from the farmers market are donated to the Northfield Township Food Pantry.

Thank You, District 28 Community!

The District 28 Garden Fundraising Committee raised over $24,000 in 2013 to build the District-wide Organic Garden & Outdoor Classroom!
Generous support from the community helped the District reach this goal, said Superintendent Larry Hewitt.
"We are grateful that so many in the District 28 community showed their commitment to bringing this extraordinary opportunity to our students," Dr. Hewitt said.
Parents donated pavers, garden plaques, and trees for the garden, as did many community members who no longer have children attending the District's schools. The District also received a $2,000 grant from Whole Foods.