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District 28 officials at the Washington D.C. Blue ribbon awards ceremony
  • Awards and Recognition

Northbrook Junior High Principal Dr. Scott Meek, District 28 Superintendent Dr. Jason Pearson and teacher representative Wendy Concklin accepted the 2023 National Blue Ribbon School award in Washington D.C. on Nov. 17.

Northbrook Junior High was among the 353 schools nationwide and 20 schools in Illinois to receive the award in 2023. The recognition is based on the school’s overall academic performance.

“Going to Washington DC for the Blue Ribbon Award ceremony was truly special. It was great spending time with educators from across the country who were also being recognized. There was so much positive energy and enthusiasm in the building as everyone was celebrating their success and clearly were proud of their own school's accomplishments,” Dr. Meek said.  “We're grateful for the opportunity to accept the award on behalf of the NBJH community, and we're excited to share this award with our staff, students and parents.” 

Wendy Concklin represented the teaching staff at the event. "The dedicated professionals at Northbrook Junior High take their mission of teaching and inspiring 21st-century learners seriously," she said.  "I feel like Northbrook Junior High absolutely deserves to be among those schools that have earned this high honor.  I hope students and staff feel a deep sense of pride in what we do to make our school shine. We are on a never-ending journey toward improvement, but we have so many accomplishments to celebrate!"

National Blue Ribbon Schools serve as models of effective and innovative school practices for state and district educators and other schools throughout the nation, according to the U.S. Department of Education news release.

“The honorees for our 2023 National Blue Ribbon Schools Award have set a national example for what it means to Raise the Bar in education,” said U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona in the Sept. 19 press release. “The leaders, educators, and staff at our National Blue Ribbon Schools continually inspire me with their dedication to fostering academic excellence and building positive school cultures that support students of all backgrounds to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.”

Dr. Pearson, who also made the trip to Washington D.C. last year to accept the Blue Ribbon Award for Westmoor School, said the achievement is a reflection on the District 28 community.

 “This is a highly competitive award and demonstrates the commitment of our staff, students, and community to maintain a focus on continuous improvement in the school and learning environment,” he said.

Glenbrook North High School also received the 2023 National Blue Ribbon. Westmoor School received the award in 2022 and Greenbriar School received the award in 2013. Northbrook Junior High also received the award in 1992. A special all-school celebration is being planned for December 1.


Above: District 28 Superintendent Dr. Jason Pearson, teacher Wendy Concklin, and Northbrook Junior High Principal Dr. Scott Meek accept the 2023 National Blue Ribbon Schools award in Washington D.C. on Nov. 17.