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Alumni NBJH Bands Festival

Any and all former graduates of the Northbrook Junior High band program are invited to participate in the NBJH Bands Alumni Festival on Monday, December 18 at 7 p.m.

Alumni are invited to participate at any level they are comfortable: as audience members, casual performers, or full-fledged members of the NBJH Wind Ensemble! The alumni who wish to join the band as casual performers are invited to play "Star Spangled Banner" alongside our students. For those alumni who still perform actively, more difficult selections will be available for them to perform with our Wind Ensemble members.

This year's event will also see the return of our very own NBJH Jazz Factory to the evening's performances. Many of our alums made significant contributions to our jazz program, and we are pleased to offer the opportunity for them to join us on stage one more time!

Sign up for the 2023 NBJH Bands Alumni Festival or to contact Mr. Scapillato at or 847-504-3530 for more information.

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