Summer Reading For Grades 6-8

Summer Reading
Posted on 06/25/2019
summer readingSummer is a time to recharge after a long and rigorous school year, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

It is also a time when reading can be pushed aside for other activities, causing students to lose some of the ground they gained in their reading abilities throughout the previous school year. 

To help avoid this “summer slide” phenomenon, we would like to encourage you to promote reading as a recreational summer activity with your child. 

Sixth Grade
Incoming sixth-grade students are required to  read at least one novel of their choice over the summer. The Rebecca Caudill list provides some popular options for incoming sixth-graders. These titles will appeal to a wide range of readers, and mot, if not all, can be found at the Northbrook Public Library. Students are free to choose any novel.

Seventh Grade
All incoming seventh-grade students are expected read "Refugee" by Alan Gratz. In addition, the language arts teams asks that students read one additional book. See titles and descriptions here. at least two novels this summer. The Language Arts Team has compiled a 7th Grade Suggested Reading List and guide on what to do after finishing the book(s).

Eighth Grade
Incoming eighth-grade students are expected to read at least two books this summer, and one choice must be from the 8th-grade summer "road trip" list. You will find the "road trip" book· titles. We are confident in the high-interest appeal of these books and in the variety of options for student choice. All of these books can  all be found at Northbrook Public Library, The Book Bin, Barnes & Noble, as well as on Amazon. Students can read these books in traditional book format, electronically, or via audiobook listening. The second book may be one of your choosing, but it may not be a title your child has previously read. Plus, if you feel inclined, we encourage you to read alongside your child making your own family book club! 
View the full letter from the eighth-grade language arts team for additional instructions.