Math Program Review Update

Math Program Review Update
Posted on 04/29/2019
Math Program Review

Approximately every six years, each academic program area undergoes a thorough review to identify improvements and enhancements.  Math is up next in the revision cycle. The Board of Education reviewed an update on the work plan for the Math Program review at its regular meeting April 23.

The first phase of the improvement process is underway.  The work focuses on revising math curriculum pacing guides, assessments, homework policies, improving parent communication and professional development.

Curriculum Pacing

Work is underway to ensure that all grade-level standards are addressed within the school year and that the major standards receive appropriate emphasis. This analysis will take place with the guidance of an expert consultant, Kristen Clegg.

A new junior high math instructional specialist will work with the teachers to adjust the pacing of the curriculum to improve alignment with state learning standards, the state assessments and high school placement tests.


Classroom assessments for all grades are being revised to make sure they accurately address grade-level standards and offer the appropriate challenge.


A task force is developing uniform elementary homework guidelines for the three elementary schools. A bank of consistent math homework for teachers to access next year will be created. Homework will be used to keep skills current and to loop in new concepts once they are taught in the classroom.

Parent Communication

The district will administer the NWEA Math MAP test this spring for grades 2-8. The test is nationally normed and offers a picture of every student’s abilities and growth over time. The results will be sent home with the end-of-the-year report cards. Principals will be available in June and August for parents who would like to discuss the results.

Support for 8th Graders

For the remainder of this school year, Northbrook Junior High is offering small-group support and an online program for eighth-grade students who want to improve their algebra skills. Glenbrook North is also offering a summer school class for algebra skills.

Professional Learning

Every summer, over 80 percent of the district’s teachers participate in the district’s summer learning program, where experts and teacher leaders provide professional development. This year will include an emphasis on math instruction, with 13 different sessions.

“We have been very thoughtful, taking in feedback from teachers and parents, while also looking at assessment data to guide our planning,” said Superintendent Larry Hewitt. “This work will improve and expand learning for all students.”  

A math committee will work through the next school year to continue the in-depth program review, which will result in additional enhancements.