Hometown Teachers: Meadowbrook School

Community Draws Teachers Back to Their Roots
Posted on 12/12/2018
Ms. Barus, Ms. Robison and Ms. Verne all attended District 28 schools.

Every school district usually has a few teachers and other staff members who grew up in the community in which they teach. In Northbrook District 28 there seems to be more than just a few. Fifteen, in fact, sat in the classrooms as students in which they now teach or support students.

It’s a testament to the Northbrook community and its values. Our Hometown Teachers and Staff also offer a perspective for today’s parents on how education has changed, and what makes District 28 special. We asked our Hometown Teachers and Staff to share their thoughts and memories as a way to celebrate our community. We’ll post their profiles throughout the remainder of the month.

There are 15 teachers and aides district-wide who sat in our school classrooms as students. We asked for their perspectives on how education has changed and why they chose to spend their career in Northbrook. There are four teachers at Meadowbrook who were raised in Northbrook. Third-grade teacher Kara Barus is now a colleague with her former teacher, Stacey Verne. Here are their perspectives:

Stacey Verne attended Oaklane School as a student. She teaches 5th grade.

“I love seeing my friend’s children come through the school, and that they want their children to have a similar experience that we had as kids. People grow up here and stay here.”

Kate Robison is a 4th-grade teacher at Meadowbrook. She attended Greenbriar School and Northbrook Junior High.

She is most proud to be part of the staff at District 28 because, “as a district, I am proud of our commitment to meeting students where they are and helping them grow as students and people.”

Kara Barus is a 3rd grade teacher in the same school she attended as a student. She also attended Northbrook Junior High and Glenbrook North.

“I think teachers today work really hard to help students learn at whatever level they are at and I think the students appreciate it. They are very used to working in an environment where learning looks different for everyone and I think that is a big change from what I remember growing up,” Ms. Barus said.

“When I was younger, teachers would come to support me at my extracurricular activities outside of school. I probably didn’t realize how special that was until I got older but I think it speaks volumes about the type of teachers that work at District 28.”

First grade teacher Brittany Farris attended Westmoor School
Brittany Farris
is a 1st-grade teacher who attended Westmoor School.

“When I started working at District 28, it amazed me how many teachers not only remembered having me as a student but remembered something personal about me! Claire Robson, who was my kindergarten teacher, and is now on my district-level first-grade team, even saved a birthday note I had written to her when I was 5!,” Farris said. “I am proud of being part of a community that understands the importance of creating a strong connection with their students.”