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I have the right to expect:

  • An environment where I can learn.
  • That I will be respected by others.
  • To be listened to and be heard.
  • To be myself.
  • To feel safe.
  • To be safe.
  • That my property is safe and that I will be allowed to use school property to help me learn.
  • To learn.

I have the responsibility to:

  • Come to school prepared and ready to learn.
  • Act in a way that allows others to learn.
  • Show respect for other people's feelings in what I say, how I speak and how I act.
  • Be honest and speak with respectful words and tone.
  • Appreciate others' differences in culture, gender, race, religion, language and age.
  • Follow school rules.
  • Act in a way that will not hurt other people on the inside or the outside.
  • Respect and care for the property of others and the school.
  • Do my own schoolwork, pay attention in class, work with peers and ask for help when I don't understand.