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I have the right to expect:

  • parental support in working toward the behavior expected of their children.
  • cooperation from parents in developing a program designed in the best interest of the child.
  • an environment that is conducive to teaching.
  • that each child tries to be a good listener.
  • that each student arrives on time and follows the school calendar.
  • that each student will be responsible for daily assignments.
  • to be treated with respect by students & parents.
  • that each student will be prepared for class.
  • to be able to request support from colleagues and administrators to address disruptive behavior that interrupts the educational process.

I have the responsibility to:

  • remember that children learn by the example I set.
  • create a partnership for student success.
  • foster open, ongoing communication with parents.
  • be consistent and fair in dealing with children.
  • provide an atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • show respect for children’s feelings, recognizing their individuality, unique differences and needs.
  • promptly notify parents of issues and/or disciplinary actions that would extend the school day so that we can work together.
  • prevent discipline problems in or out of the classroom from interfering with the educational process.
  • work with students on discipline problems from interfering with the educational process.