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I have the right to expect:

  • that my child will be provided a safe learning environment.
  • collaborative communication with teachers.
  • all staff to treat my child with respect.
  • discipline that is fair and consistent.
  • that I will be notified of academic concerns.
  • that I will be notified of behavior concerns.
  • that I will be listened to and be heard.

I have the responsibility to:

  • support expectations and school rules.
  • set good examples at home.
  • promote regular attendance and notify the school when my child is sick.
  • have my child arrive on time for school.
  • teach my child the safest route to school.
  • teach my child to respect others, school rules, and property.
  • communicate my concerns to teachers/principal/staff.
  • provide a supportive environment for homework and studying.
  • keep my child healthy and prepared for school.
  • assure that my child understands these rights and responsibilities.