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X-Block is a period scheduled every day after lunch periods, although the schedule may change on assembly days or when standardized tests are administered. Students are assigned to their X-Block teacher for the entire school year. Although this assigned teacher is usually one of the child’s core teachers during the day, there are times when this may not occur. During this time students may receive additional academic, behavioral, or social-emotional support.

Interventions are scheduled for three days a week. Students who are assigned to one of the intervention sessions would essentially be with their X-Block teacher for two days during the week and with their intervention group for three days of the week.  Students not in an immediate intervention will use this time as a resource period where they can complete homework assignments, study, or read independently.

On Mondays, X-Block teachers present lessons and activities relating to the NBJH Social-Emotional Literacy Program (L.E.A.D.). On Fridays, X-Block serves as a home base for students where teachers help students become organized for school, announcements are made, forms are distributed, money is collected, and Student Council reports are given.  Early in the year, sixth-grade teachers spend a significant portion of this time preparing for Outdoor Education.