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Every student must take physical education.  Medical excuses for physical education classes will be accepted in the following instances:

  • A note from a parent will be accepted for two days upon administrative approval.
  • A medical excuse from a doctor.  If a student can have limited participation, or if there is an amount of time that the student cannot participate, the doctor should note this in a written medical excuse.

Expectations for P.E. will be reviewed in class.

P.E. uniforms can be purchased from the P.E. teachers for $18, and the same uniform may be worn every year. Students are given a lock to use in the locker room.  A replacement fee of $6 will be charged if a lock is lost.  Students may only use locks that have been given to them by the P.E. staff. Students may choose to keep a sweatshirt and sweat pants in the PE locker for cooler days outdoors.  Students are to be respectful of one another at all times and demonstrate good sportsmanship.