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  • General Information

Each student at NBJH will be assigned a locker for the duration of the school year.  Lockers are to be kept neat, clean and organized.  Lockers should also be locked at all times.  The school is not responsible for any items missing from an unlocked locker. 

School property is to be respected and cared for by our students.  Any damage to school property will result in a fine for the students.  All lockers are to be completely closed when not in use.  This is for safety purposes.  Violation of these policies is subject to penalties.

Lockers are the property of District 28. Their contents may be subject to search in accordance with the law and District 28 policies.  These lockers are for the protection of the student's possessions, and the following rules should be remembered:

• The school or school district is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

• Students should always lock their lockers, and the student combination is not to be shared.

• If you cannot open your hallway locker, go to the office.  If your P.E. locker will not open, see your P.E. teacher.

• Do not hit or kick your locker if it does not open.  Notify the office and your locker will be repaired.

• Students will be fined if damage is done to school lockers.

• Students should not use adhesives (ex. scotch tape) in or on their lockers.  Magnets may only be used so as not to damage lockers.  Fees will be assessed if the locker is damaged in any way.

• Students may choose to decorate a friend’s locker in a simple manner for a birthday.  Again, use magnets or blue tape provided in the front office and no adhesives (ex. scotch tape).  No balloons are to be used.  Decorations are to be put up and taken down on the same day.