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  • Academics

Sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students complete a 10-period day.  Some classes are quarterly (PE/Health), in which each quarter is nine weeks in length.  Each grade level has a lunch period where students eat lunch together in the cafeteria.


Students are expected to meet all obligations for school coursework to meet graduation requirements.  Students who meet these requirements will participate in the graduation ceremony and other graduation activities at the end of the year.


Our band, orchestra, and most choir programs are offered before Period 1 from 7:45–8:32 AM.  Rehearsals are held in our school facility.  Many of our concerts are posted on the District calendar.

Individual student needs at grades 6,7,  and 8 are met through our various services: social work, EL (English Learners), speech/language service, advanced classes, and special education. (For more information about the identification process for advanced classes, families can contact the Director of Learning (Michelle Jackson), Gifted and Talented (G/T) Services Coordinator (Laura Cohen) or Scott Meek, building Principal.  General information can be found on the G/T Services homepage on the D28 website. 

Our SEL curriculum program (L.E.A.D.) is an important part of the social-emotional development of adolescents, which consists primarily of activities and lessons in X-Block, but also includes grade-level or all-school activities.

Parents attend an evening curriculum meeting in early September, “Open House”, to learn more about their children’s school day.  Parents may also visit the website of the Illinois State Board of Education ( to review the state standards for each discipline at each grade level.

Northbrook Junior High School does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, or handicap in their programs and activities.  Any inquiry regarding this should be directed to the principal or the superintendent of schools.