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Upstairs in the Student Services’ suite, room 300, are our social workers’ and psychologist’s offices. Students may elect on their own to see one of the social workers or psychologist during the school day, or students and their parents may agree together that social work/counseling services would be beneficial. Parents are also welcome to meet with our social workers or psychologist to discuss concerns. 

Sometimes during the school year, problems that affect school progress, difficult circumstances or decisions and/or issues with friendships may arise. Students may need to talk to our social workers for support and assistance. Students are provided social work services during their PE, exploratory/elective, X-Block or lunch period, not during a core academic class. In addition, there is a list on the school’s website of the various peer support groups that the social workers facilitate during the school year. If a student is interested in participating or a parent feels their child may benefit from either individual or group support, please get in touch with one of the social workers directly. Please call them to make an appointment— Mrs. Madeline Schwartz, Mrs. Jami Meltzer, Mrs. Brooke Thiede, or Mr. Eric Rovin (school psychologist). You can find their contact information in district or NBJH staff directory on the website.  If a concern arises in terms of a student’s safety, the social worker would meet with the child to assess the risk and then contact parents.