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  • General Information

Throughout this handbook, you will read about references to our monthly newsletter, our website, and our invitation to parents to contact teachers and staff at any time with their concerns.  We invite you to read our communications regularly and talk with our staff.  The NBJH newsletter is sent to families electronically each month.  A weekly update highlighting important dates and upcoming events is also e-mailed home.

District 28 uses an automated school-to-parent communication system to broadcast emergency information via text, email and voice messages.  Please know that any time throughout the year you may receive notification via this system.  Therefore, we ask that you always maintain your most current telephone numbers and email addresses in our offices so that you may be reached at any time.  We welcome you to call or email our school secretary with any changes.  You can opt out of text messages by replying STOP to any that you receive. District 28 also offers a mobile app available through Apple and Android. Search “Northbrook District 28” to download for free. You can customize the calendars and news feed. You can also request a login, and then all district and school broadcast emails will be listed under notifications. Please contact Communications Director Terry Ryan for details and to request login credentials.