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  • General Information

Student safety is a primary concern of Northbrook Junior High School staff and faculty.  Safe travel to and from school and/or school-sponsored events requires the cooperation of everyone on the bus.  The bus driver is the authority on the school bus and students should be respectful of the driver at all times.  Students who ride the bus are expected to comply with the following guidelines and be kind to one another and avoid hurtful remarks or behavior:

  • Remain seated at all times, facing the front of the bus.
  • Refrain from loud, rowdy behavior or noises which detract from bus safety.
  • Under no circumstances are students permitted to take and/or transmit digital images (pictures or videos) while on the bus at any time.
  • No skateboards are allowed on the bus at any time.
  • Be respectful of other passengers and their possessions.
  • Be present at your bus stop 10 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time.
  • Be respectful of all others waiting for a bus.
  • Always have your current bus pass when boarding or riding the bus.
  • Report any unsafe behavior to the driver or supervisor.

Students may obtain a temporary pass from the school office.  However, students who chronically forget their pass may be refused a temporary pass at the office’s discretion.  If a student loses his/her bus pass, a replacement may be purchased through the school office for $5.00.

Students are not permitted on the bus without a bus pass.  Students who normally ride the bus may ride a different route provided there is room on that route and they follow all the bus procedures.

Students are expected to exercise positive choices in all of their behaviors.  Any misconduct regarding bus riding and safety and/or wait-time for bus pick-up will be dealt with by the school administration.  Parents will be notified and appropriate consequences will be assigned according to the Northbrook District 28 Code of Conduct and Discipline.  These consequences may include but are not limited to a student/parent conference, letter of apology to the driver, suspension of bus riding privileges, and/or assigned seating on the bus.