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The Main Office is open each school day 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  The administrative assistants are Sharon Gail and Karee Schwartz.  They can be of help to you with your questions or concerns.  You may also contact the principal and assistant principal through the Main Office.  We invite you to contact us with your questions.

All visitors must check in at the Main Office with a Driver’s license or state I.D. and secure a visitor’s badge when coming to see someone at the school.  We ask, in the interest of safety and accountability, that everyone adhere to this procedure at all times. Teachers are to question all strangers that are not wearing a visitor’s badge.  We appreciate knowing our guests and having their cooperation at all times.




Medication:  As in the elementary schools, we require a parent’s written permission and physician’s signature on a Medication Administration Request Form to administer medication at school.  This includes over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol or Advil.  Medication brought to school must be in an appropriately labeled container from the pharmacy. The health office will not stock over the counter medication for the 2023-2024 school year. When dropping off the completed Medication Administration Request Form and your child's medication, please ensure the medication is in the original, labeled container. Also, please double-check to make sure the medication has not expired. 

Medication permission is effective for the school year and permission must be renewed each subsequent school year.

For students with EpiPens, an Allergy Emergency Care Plan is required with parent and physician signature. For students with inhalers, parent permission and the prescription label on the inhaler are sufficient. An Asthma Emergency Care Plan is requested for students with moderate to severe asthma.

Students needing inhalers for asthma, or an EpiPen for allergies, may carry these medications and self-administer at school as needed. We will need a signed parent/student agreement form (available on District 28 Website) for students carrying EpiPens and/or inhalers. It is highly recommended that parents provide back up medication in the health office for emergencies.

Child Health Examination:  A physical exam and current immunizations are required for students entering the sixth grade.  Students entering junior high are required to provide proof of Tdap vaccination, two doses of Varicella vaccine, three dose Hepatitis B vaccine series, and meningococcal (MCV4) vaccine.

Sports Physical:  A physical exam is required before any athlete may try out for a sport’s team. (The 6th grade physical exam may be used as the sport’s physical.) However, sports physicals are only good for one year and one month from the date of the exam.  The sports physical exam form is the same as the regular child health exam form with the exception that the immunization section does not need to be filled out.

Dental Exam:  Students are required to have a dental examination form upon entering sixth grade.

Health Services: The health office appreciates knowing any new medication or health issues that your child is experiencing, especially if it will impact his/her learning or require classroom accommodations.  Our office phone number is 847-504-3515 or you may email the health office at

Our office is accepting health forms via U.S. mail, email at, or via fax at 847-656-1712. All medical forms used in District 28, such as medication permission, physical exams, and dental forms may be downloaded at . Visit Health Services for additional information.