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  • General Information

Students may enter the school at 7:45 AM for morning study hall in the LRC (7:45 – 8:15 AM). Students may go to the LRC or another classroom to see a teacher at 8:10 AM for tutorial every day except Wednesday. At 8:15 AM, all students who choose to use tutorial time are to be in a classroom with a teacher. Students wishing to see a teacher before 8:15 AM must enter through the front doors and have a pass from a teacher. Band and choir students are to enter through the gym lobby. Orchestra students enter through the front of the Junior High. Band, orchestra, and choir students need to secure a pass in advance from their curriculum teacher in order to miss a music class for tutorial. Morning tutorial ends at 8:32 AM and first period begins at 8:35 AM. Students are to enter through the cafeteria, gym lobby, or our front doors immediately upon arriving on school grounds. Cell phones may be used appropriately before school.  Please refer to ELECTRONIC DEVICES for more information.