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  • General Information

For every absence, a student’s parent or guardian must call the office by 9:00 AM to report the absence.  We appreciate your call so we know immediately the whereabouts of your child.  Again, help us with the accountability of our students by making a call to us.  The office has voicemail so that you may call the night before or early in the morning.  NBJH’s administrative assistants will contact the parent or guardian if a call is not received by 9:00 AM.

Attendance/Office: 847-498-7920


There are four types of absences: excused, explained (short term), explained (long term), and unexcused.

  1. Excused Absence – illness, quarantine by a health official, religious holiday, attendance at a funeral, or when a student’s parent is called to duty, returns from duty, or is on leave from active military services.  The student will receive credit for work, which is made up within the same number of days as the length of the absence.  The student will be able to take a missed assessment within the same number of days as the length of the absence. Middle school students are allowed one day-long excused absence per school year for the purpose of attending a civic event. 
  2. Explained (Short Term) Absence – medical appointment, field trip, or other absences for which prior written explanation has been given to the principal by the parent.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact other students to determine the assignments missed.  The student will receive credit for work that is turned in on the day the student returns to class.  The student will also take a missed assessment on the day of the student’s return to class.
  3. Explained (Long Term) Absence – this type of absence covers a special absence not explained in the previous two paragraphs.

We strongly urge each family to avoid scheduling appointments and trips during school time. Instruction missed during an absence is extremely difficult to make up. Learning takes place best when students attend class regularly and on time. The parent must give prior written notice to the principal at least five days in advance, listing the inclusive dates of absence.

The student must then take a special form provided by the office to each teacher to determine the assignments that will be missed. Work which is given to the student in advance is due on the day the student returns to class and will receive credit. Upon return to school, the student must contact each teacher to receive additional assignments that were unavailable before the extended absence. These assignments are due within three days and will receive credit. The student will also take a missed assessment within three days of the student’s return to class.

4. Unexcused Absence – all other absences are considered unexcused and are subject to the State of Illinois truancy laws.

“Cutting classes”—A student who does not attend class, or “cuts,” will be accountable for the missing class. Students are required to make up the work as well the class time. A suspension from school may also be assigned. Parents will be contacted.

Note:  Excessive absences-- Parents of students with a pattern of excessive absences will be contacted by a school administrator and/or social workers.  In short, students need to commit to learning by being an active participant and being in school.  The continuity and consistency of excellent attendance has a cumulative effect on learning.


Students who are tardy to school must report to the office before going to Period 1. Students who are tardy moving from class to class will be issued a tardy slip by the teacher of the class to which the student was late. The teacher will give the student a copy of the tardy slip, and turn the original slip into the assistant principal. If the student is legitimately tardy, it is the student’s responsibility to take his/her copy of the tardy slip to the teacher who caused him/her to be late. That teacher may sign the student’s copy to excuse the tardy. The student is responsible for bringing the signed slip to the office in order for the tardy to be excused. Any student, who accumulates a fourth tardy during the school year, will serve a detention either before or after school, and the student’s parents will be notified. Chronic offenders may be required to serve a Saturday detention and a parent conference will be necessary.