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Grade 3-4 Course Descriptions

Summer Enrichment Course Descriptions for Grade 3-4

  • Cost per course is $145.00. (plus lab fees as listed in the description)       
  • All courses have a maximum of 18 students per course unless otherwise noted.
  • Courses for incoming Grades 1 - 4 are held at Westmoor Elementary School. 
  • Courses Periods: P1 8:45 - 9:40 am, P2 9:45 - 10:40 am, P3 10:45 - 11:40 am, P4 11:45 am - 12:40pm
  • Choose courses for the grade your child is entering into for the 2023-2024 school year.   

   Download for Summer Enrichment Course Descriptions Grade 3-4

Grade 3-4 SE grid


Summer Enrichment Course Descriptions for Grade 3-4

Architecture Grades 3-4 Period 3 & Period 4 ($10 Lab Fee)

Students will learn what it means to be a designer. We will integrate planning, urban planning sustainability, drawing, and model making. This will be a hands-on, creative course that inspires students to think outside the box as they collaborate on designs of a new school. 

Art Appreciation Grades 3-4, Period 1 & Period 3 ($10 Lab Fee)

This course will be opening the world of art to your child. Art gives children multiple ways to express themselves.  Students will be using famous paintings by Monet to create art projects,  flowers, and more.

Beginning Ukulele Grades 3-4, Period 2 & Period 3 ($5 Lab Fee) Max Enrollment: 16 Students

The course is for the students who are interested in learning the foundational skills on ukulele. Students will work in large groups & individually. They will play different songs and will have the tools to continue on their own! No prior experience needed, all levels welcome. Ukulele will be provided. Students are welcome to bring their own ukulele if they prefer.

Brain Games Grades 3-4, Period 2 & Period 3 ($15 Lab Fee)

Students will practice different strategies for problem solving through Brain Games! Games and puzzles like Sudoku, KenKen, Rush Hour, Blokus, Smart Games, IQ games, Brain Teasers, Einstein Puzzles, and Spatial Reasoning puzzles help students develop their brains and thinking skills. Strategies, rules, and patterns are taught to help complete each puzzle and focus on brain development.

Co-ed Basketball Grade 3-4, Period 2

Learn the basic skills, such as proper shooting form, passing, ball handling, v-cuts, pivoting, and defensive positioning.  Students will participate in drills, shooting games, and scrimmages to help develop these skills. On Fridays, students will participate in a round robin tournament. 

Creative Writing Grades 3-4, Period 4 ($5 Lab Fee)

Students will engage in a variety of experimental creative writing exercises that will enable them to express themselves in fresh and unique ways. 

Ecology Kids Grades 3-4, Period 4 ($10 Lab Fee) 

Children enjoy hands-on fun with science, nature, games, and ecologically friendly art-projects. Learning topics include bugs, the water cycle, habitats, food chains, pollution, and recycling

Fables, Folktales, Myths and Legends! Grades 3-4, Period 3

Join us as we explore reading, writing, and performing with friends. We will research Fables, Folktale and more,which can be humorous and mysterious, as well as write our own and perform short plays! 

From Page to Stage Grade 3-4, Period 4

Students will work together to write, revise, and perform their own original plays.  This course will help to develop writing and performing skills.  Students will work towards a performance for the end of summer enrichment.  The students who are enrolled in this course will need to be available to perform with the class the last week of summer enrichment. 

Fun & Games Grades 3-4, Period 1 & Period 2 ($5 Lab Fee)

Join us to play a variety of cooperative games. Students will work on problem solving, cooperative learning, and decision-making skills.

Gardening Grades 3-4, Period 1 ($20 Lab Fee) Maximum: 16 Students 

Dig into our district vegetable garden this summer. Students will participate in planting & harvesting. This class will include nutrition, study of plants, ecology and garden-themed crafts.

Painting and Design Grades 3-4, Period 1 & Period 2 ($20 Lab Fee) Maximum: 16 Students 

Join us to learn the fundamentals of painting and design. Students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of art and design by exploring different principles and techniques using a variety of materials. Students will engage in a variety of experiences that will culminate in a final piece: a beautifully crafted landscape painting.

Reader’s Theatre Grades 3-4, Period 3

Each week students will be given a reader’s theater script to memorize and act out in their group. Then the group will create simple costumes and props to go with the reader’s theater play.  They will perform their skit at the end of each week, creating four reader’s theater skits during the summer enrichment session.  Participation in the course will help students practice fluency, acting skills, and to express creativity. 

Scrapbooking Grades 3-4, Period 3 & Period 4 ($20 Lab Fee)

Learn to put together a fun, creative scrapbook by decorating pages with your own photos! Students will learn how to cut pictures into unique shapes, write in creative ways, and organize in an unforgettable way!

Summer Crafts & Fun Grades 3-4, Period 3 & Period 4 ($15 Lab Fee)

Join us for four fun-filled weeks of creating summertime art & craft projects. Students will create many GREAT projects using a variety of materials. Every child will bring home unique art pieces.

Theatre Games Grades 3-4, Period 2

This class will provide practice of basic acting skills through fun & engaging theatre games. Regardless of your acting ability, you can work on body movement, voice and concentration while having fun at the same time!

Time for Tech Grades 3-4, Period 1 & Period 2

This is the perfect course for the student who loves technology, being creative, and trying out new learning resources and skills. Students will be spending part of their daily time brushing up on our keyboard skills. They will have the opportunity to use new technology tools & skills to create projects.

Ultimate Sports Grades 3-4, Period 1

Come experience what Ultimate Sports is all about! Students will be introduced to and explore a wide variety of diamond and field sports. This is an outdoor class, and all activities will be modified for all students to participate safely.

When you Wish Upon a Craft Grades 3-4, Period 1 & Period 2 ($10 Lab Fee)  

Students will be completing a craft every day connected to a Disney film/book. Each week, they will connect a Disney film/book to a life-lesson theme. Friendship, Dream Big & Be Curious and more.   Students will interact with discussions of different literacy traits (point of view, compare/contrast, comparisons, etc)  and complete fun arts and craft activities. As a class, we will discuss the theme as seen in different Disney films/books and how we can connect  them to other books we have read and our own lives.

Yoga Grades 3-4, Period 4 Maximum: 15 Students 

This course will introduce students to a variety of basic yoga styles with an emphasis on breathing, flexibility, and balance. The goal will be to develop a low-impact practice to enhance sports performance, dance, and overall agility by connecting yoga to relaxation, internal and external awareness, and self-acceptance. Participants will need to bring their own mat, which they may leave in the classroom for the duration of the summer session.