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Medication At School

We require parents' and physicians' written permission to administer medication at school.  This includes over-the-counter medication such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, eye drops, etc.  Medication brought to school must be in an appropriately labeled container from the pharmacy.  Medications will be administered by the school nurse or a designated school employee.  Medication Administration Request Form.

Students needing inhalers

Students with asthma are permitted to carry and self-administer their inhalers as needed. Students only need parent permission and a copy of the prescription label on the container (instead of a written note from the physician.) Parents choosing the option of having the student responsible for the inhaler should complete the "Parent/Student Agreement to Carry Inhaler." For students with moderate to severe asthma, an "Asthma Emergency Care Plan" should be completed by the physician.

Students needing epinephrine auto-injectors

Students at risk of anaphylaxis are permitted to carry and self-administer their epinephrine auto-injectors. Parents choosing this option should complete the "Parent/Student Agreement to Carry Epinephrine Auto-Injector." In addition, students with severe food allergies are required to provide an "Allergy Emergency Care Plan" with parent and physician signature.
Medication permission is effective for the school year and permission must be renewed each subsequent year.