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Illnesses & Accidents At School

All students must have an updated Emergency Contact Information Form on file at the beginning of the school year.

Besides providing parent contact information, it also identifies other adults who can be contacted in emergencies and who are authorized to pick up a child during the day in case of illness.  The Emergency Form also requests signed permission to administer first aid and to transport to a medical facility in case of an emergency. Requested medical information helps to identify and assist students with significant health problems.  Any changes in a child’s health history and any changes in parent/guardian contact information should be reported promptly.

Children who become ill will be assessed by the nurse or aide and parents/guardians will be notified if necessary. Should the student need to be taken home, contact information from the Emergency Form will be utilized. 

Parents will be called to pick up their children if they are not feeling well or have a temperature greater than 99.4 degrees, especially with symptoms. Please keep your child home until fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. Often, children will feel okay in the morning, only to spike a temperature again and feel worse by the afternoon. Children requiring antibiotics for strep throat and other bacterial infections should be on medication and fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Communicable Diseases

Please keep infectious diseases at a minimum by reporting strep throat, chicken pox, conjunctivitis, Fifth’s disease, impetigo and MRSA to the school nurse.  Children should report all accidents and injuries which occur on the way to or from school, and during the school day.  The nurse or aide will assess the injury and administer routine first aide.  In cases of more serious injuries, parents/guardians will be notified.  If an injury requires immediate medical attention, Northbrook paramedics will be contacted as well parents/guardians.  

Parents should contact the Health Office when their child has had a serious injury or illness outside of school.  Please provide written information from your physician regarding activity restrictions for Physical Education and recess.  

Optional Accident Insurance

Each year Northbrook School District 28 offers individual student accident insurance. The insurance is at no cost to the school district and is provided as a convenience for students in need of coverage. Download the flyer by Special Markets Insurance for more information.