Class of 2020: Stacey Verne

Stacey Verne

Stacey Verne

5th grade teacher, Meadowbrook
34 years at District 28

Stacey Verne is retiring after spending most of her 34-year career as a fifth-grade teacher at Meadowbrook. In fact, you could say she’s spent most of her life in District 28.
The Verne family was a familiar name around the district when Dr. Harvey hired Stacey as a 21-year-old fresh out of college. Ms.Verne attended Oaklane School, her aunt taught in the district, her mother subbed in the district and she was the oldest of six Vernes who went to District 28 schools.
Stacey started as an assistant to Claire Robson in kindergarten in 1986. After four years in various positions she became a fourth-grade teacher. She has stayed in 4th and 5th grade since, sometimes looping up with her students. Most recently, she has been class sharing 5th graders with Jess Lifshitz. Ms. Verne taught math, science and social studies while Ms. Lifshitz teaches literacy.

Advice to a first-year teacher

It will get easier, you will get better, and try not to doubt yourself.

Teachable moment

My class had emotional discussions the days following 9/11 about terrorism and prejudice.


A student who inspired me was a young man who was very challenging to have in my classroom. He had a difficult family situation, which caused him to act out in class. He was even suspended for threatening me. I worked very hard to help him understand himself and sought different resources to help him. I was his advocate, even through the tough times. I stayed in contact with his dad for years, and the student returned after he graduation high school to volunteer in my classroom. He made me want to be the kind of teacher a kid could count on. I still see him on Facebook now and he is 30 years old!

Plans for retirement

The one thing I plan on doing in retirement that I could not do during the school year may not be happening. I want to travel the world and see all the places I have read about. Most importantly, I do not want to have to travel during winter break or spring break!