Class of 2020: Pam Mendelson

Pam Mendelson

Pam Mendelson

34 Years at District 28
Science Teacher, NBJH

Mrs. Mendelson started her career at District 28 teaching 6th- and 7th-grade math and 7th-grade science. She taught 7th grade science, 8th grade Independent Science Research and forensics for several years/.

Advice for first-year teachers

My first year of teaching a mentor told me “person can do what person can do.” I was lamenting the fact that at the last minute a colleague had suggested something that would have been an improvement on what I was doing, but I knew that there was no way I could pull that off on such short notice. That became my mantra at times - do your best, next year that best will be even better - you never stop learning and changing so do your best for right then.


I moved into District 28 because I wanted my children to get to have teachers who cared the way teachers in District 28 did. I learned so much from so many of them. I think seeing students gain a passion for science or gain confidence in their abilities as you help them learn new strategies to approach problems is an amazing experience and affirms why I went into teaching. I also live in the community and I love running into former students and seeing what incredible adults they have become.

After retirement

I would love to travel and spend time with people who don't live close to me but I am hoping to also do some work as an advocate for seniors who have no one to make decisions for them and are struggling with dementia or are in a place where they can no longer take care of themselves.