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2022-23 Opening Plan

Superintendent Dr. Jason Pearson presented the 2022-23 Opening Plan to the Board of Education at its July 28, 2022 regular meeting. COVID-19 protocols were updated and an updated School Reopening Plan was published August 16, 2022 to align with newly released guidance from the CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health.

2021-22 Opening Plans

Superintendent Dr. Larry Hewitt presented the 2021-22 Opening Plan to the Board of Education at its July 27, 2021 regular meeting. He provided an overview of practices and protocols, which was also shared with parents. Practices and Protocols was updated Dec. 7, 2021.

Federal Funding to Support Pandemic Relief to Schools

The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund provided federal funding to support reopening schools for in-person learning and assist with pandemic-related expenses. As of May 2021, the district was awarded funding in three installments totaling $577,735.  

The funding helps offset costs of Personal Protection Equipment supplies, professional development, curricular supports and digital materials for both remote learning and in-person learning. The most recent grant was awarded in May 2021 and was the largest at $371,517. The grant is being used to fund a Getting Ready Camp in July-August 2021 to help targeted students prepare for the school year. Funds are also being used for classroom furniture needed to maximize social distancing, social and emotional learning, other curricular supports and PPE.

The district spent about $1.3 million in additional expenses to operate schools in the 2020-21 school year and preparing to open the 2021-22 school year. The majority of that cost was for additional staffing needs to operate remote learning and in-person learning in socially distanced environments. 

Chief School Business Official Jessica Donato reported how the federal funds were used in the May 21, 2021, Financial Report to the Board of Education.


2020-21 Reopening Plans

As the district leadership began planning for the 2020-21 school year, parents were informed of the state-mandated health guidelines, surveyed on education choices for their children and invited to submit questions for public FAQs.  Updates were also shared at monthly public Board of Education meetings, which were held virtually and available for public viewing on the district's YouTube Channel. Public comment was invited via an online form at the beginning of each public meeting. Key communications and opportunities for public input included:

  • A survey to gather feedback on remote learning was conducted during the initial school shutdown March-June 2020.
  • The District shared the Parent Guide to Reopening School on July 17, 2020, via video from Dr. Larry Hewitt, Superintendent and then conducted a survey for parents to choose between fully remote or fully in-person learning.

Remote Learning

The 2020-21 Remote Learning Plan was developed and shared with families, along with a separate website and tech support. Other documents included:

RLA Expectations for Families

Young Explorers Remote Learning 2020

Back-to-School Guides

Parent guides were published for in-person learners at each school:

Northbrook Junior High Back to School 2020-21

K-5 Back to School Guides 2020-21

Young Explorers Back to School Guide 2020-21

Additional information was published based on parent feedback, including:

Parent FAQ on Aug. 7, 2020

FAQ Quarantine Close Contact on Aug. 28, 2020

Second Semester Updates

Updated guidance was shared with families before the start of the second semester.

K-5 Parents 2nd Semester School Guide 2020-21

NBJH Parents 2nd Semester Guide 2020-21