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Safety & Security

NBJH students line up during a fire drill while teachers take attendance.

Students line up during a file drill at Northbrook Junior High while teachers take attendance.

Safety and Security Plan

District 28 is committed to a safety and security process that includes assessment, action plans, and evaluation. The district leadership develops, monitors, and improves safety and security with an ongoing process that includes:

  • Comprehensive Safety Audit 
    • A comprehensive safety audit was conducted in the 2019-2020 school year by an outside partner agency.  The results provided a multi-year, multi-tier report to the School Board. This report guides our continuous improvement.  A new safety audit is being conducted in 2023 and will be included in a Master Facilities Plan that is being created by DLA Architects in the 2023-24 school year.
  • Health/Life Safety Inspection 
    • Conducted annually by the Cook County Intermediate Service Center
  • Annual State Fire Marshal Inspection 
  • Northbrook Police Department School Liaisons
    • Our police department liaisons meet regularly with principals.
  • Review of Best Practice Research and Policy Briefs
    • Everytown School Safety Research Briefs (2022)
    • Illinois Terrorism Task Force School Safety Working Group Recommendations (2020)
    • Safe and Sound Schools Straight ‘A’ Safety Improvement Toolkits (2016)
    • Sandy Hook Commission Report (2015) 

Safety is addressed in three broad categories: behavioral and mental health, facility security, and emergency response protocols. 

Safety & Security