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Data Retreat

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Data Retreat Agenda

Agenda for February 22, 2024 

Data Retreat Homework

In order to maximize our discussion time together, please review the documents linked below that will help us have common understanding to answer the question,  where are we now?. During our retreat, we will be referencing these documents to develop an analysis of the district’s STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS(SWOT).

Prior to our meeting, it would be helpful for you to review the information and take a few notes to use with your group for our SWOT analysis.  

  1. What did you notice in the data that you would see as a strength for the district? 
  2. What are some areas or data points that raise questions for you?  

It is important as we begin our conversation to focus on what the data says rather than making an inference or drawing any conclusions.