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Facilities Master Plan


The Board of Education hired DLA Architects to complete a comprehensive 10-Year Facilities Master Plan. The 528-page plan was compiled with input from specialists in mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems; civil engineering; demographics; roofing; and building security. The firm collected input on learning environments and priorities for improvements from parents, students and staff in spring 2023 through focus groups.

The Facilities Master Plan was presented to the Board of Education in January 2024. It recommends $80 million of potential building improvements for the four buildings over 10 years in the areas of accessibility, life safety, operation and maintenance, and capital improvements.

cost summary by building

Funded Projects - $19.7 million

The Buildings and Grounds Committee reviewed and prioritized projects based on safety/security, age/condition, health/life safety and building ‘envelope’ - projects to ensure the buildings are structurally sound and functional.  Projects totaling $19.7 million include roofs, windows, tuck-pointing, plumbing and electrical repairs, HVAC units, parking lots/sidewalks and other crucial items.

Chief School Business Official Jessica Donato said the district will be able to fund the highest priority work over the next 10 years. The review also eliminated $3.7 million in work that was redundant or less of a priority, Ms. Donato said.

10-year Maintenance Plan

$7,547,475 Roofing - District-wide
$4,470,000 HVAC-(boilers, chillers, Rooftop Units (RTUs), air handlers, Univents, condensers)
$2,305,050 Casework - outdated/deteriorating classroom cabinetry district-wide
$1,238,537 Parking lots/sidewalks - District-wide
$882,800 Doors & wired glasswork - District-wide
$573,550 Tuck-pointing - District-wide
$2,679,655 Plumbing, electrical, repairs & replacements
$19,697,067 Total funded expenditures from district reserves over 10 years


Unfunded Proposed Safety, Accessibility, Maintenance & Capital Projects - $56.3 million

Greenbriar School
Built in 1948

Major Proposed/Unfunded Projects

  • Secure entry vestibule
  • Add washrooms to lower level and renovate existing washrooms throughout the building
  • Remodel corridors to update lockers and carpet and create learning nooks
  • Add parking north and east of the building
  • Remodel courtyard and multipurpose room to create a larger cafeteria
  • Remodel auditorium to multi-purpose space and update the stage
  • Update  playgrounds and improve accessibility
  • Replace deteriorating cabinetry
  • Update fire alarm & sprinkler system in remodeled space

Meadowbrook School
Built in 1954
Major Proposed/Unfunded Projects

  • Build new gymnasium and remodel existing gym and expand library
  • Add four classrooms and remodel some existing classrooms 
  • Add parking lot on east side
  • Improve security and efficiency of main office
  • Add larger band rooms in addition space and remodel existing rooms
  • Renovate bathrooms 
  • Update playgrounds and improve accessibility
  • Update fire alarm & sprinkler system in remodeled space

Northbrook Junior High
Built in 1959

Major Proposed/Unfunded Projects

  • Relocate Cafeteria & Kitchen to larger space and renovate existing space for new uses
  • Improve efficiency of drop-off & pick-up traffic on entry drive. Separate cars and buses
  • Remodel main office for safety & efficiency
  • Remodel and update main lobby
  • Renovate existing bathrooms
  • Update fire alarm system & sprinkler system in remodeled space

Westmoor School
Built in 1965

Major Proposed/Unfunded Projects

  • Small classroom addition to remodel existing space for other uses including restrooms and storage.
  • Improve safety features in main office.
  • Replace deteriorating cabinetry
  • Replace old playground equipment and improve accessibility.
  • Update fire alarm system & sprinkler system in remodeled space

Parent/Staff Questions About Master Plan

Superintendent Dr. Jason Pearson and Chief School Business Official Jessica Donato met with the Meadowbrook PTO on April 10, 2024 to discuss the Master Facilities Plan. The following summarizes questions that were raised by staff and parents regarding Meadowbrook School.