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Edward Brophy

Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services

Amy Butzow

Employee Benefits Administrator

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Supportive Environment


Teaching Environment


Student feedback and teacher responses to the 2022 Illinois 5Essentials Survey.

Values and Strengths

Superintendent Dr. Jason Pearson spent the first half of the 2022-23 school year visiting classroom and meeting staff, students and parents in small groups.  Among his findings:

  • Staff believe decisions are based on what's best for students.
  • Staff believe there is a robust curriculum review process that honors teacher expertise.
  • Staff, parents, and families value our smaller class sizes and ability to provide support and instruction based on student needs.
  • Staff, parents and families appreciate a “whole-child” approach to learning that they feel is one of our core values.
  • Families move here because they have a high confidence in the educational experience we are able to provide their students.
  • Parents and guardians want to be partners with us in the education of their children and are very supportive of our schools with their time and resources.
  • Staff, families, parents, and students see value in extending the classroom by providing students with service learning and field trip opportunities.
  • Staff believe there is a positive culture.
  • Staff believe there are strong professional development opportunities that are differentiated based on interest and need.
  • Staff value collaboration & teamwork.
  • The staff appreciates allotted planning time.
  • They are respected as professionals and have a degree of instructional autonomy.

Staff Profile


Staff Profile


Data from the Illinois School Report Card and district data.