About Board Members

Board of Education roles and responsiblities
  • Contact the Board Members

    All board members can be contacted through a Board of Education group e-mail. The address is: boardofeducation@northbrook28.net

    An e-mail message to this address is forwarded to every board member and the Superintendent. Please be advised that all e-mails sent to any current board member will be considered part of the public record and therefore may be subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It is also important to note that Board members do not respond to emails individually.

    As the Board's function is primarily policy-making, a resident who has questions about specific school functions or issues should contact the teacher or administrator closest to the situation. A resident who has questions about the operation of the school district should contact or call the Superintendent, Dr. Jason Pearson.

    A resident who needs general information about the schools or the district should contact Communications Director Terry Ryan.

    District office phone number is: 847-498-7900