Setting Up A SHIELD Illinois Portal Account

  • Parents of Students

    Parents have the option to set up an account to directly access results from their child’s SHIELD tests. This is optional; the school will continue to contact any family that has a positive case.

    Step 1: Setup an Account for Yourself as a Parent

    1. Navigate your web browser to

    2. Below the password prompt, select Sign up for an account

    3. When prompted, enter the testing agency code: df5brbrj

    4. Complete the online form, then select Submit

    5. A verification code will be sent to the email and/or phone number you entered; enter this verification code into the prompt, then select Submit

    6. After successfully verifying your contact information, create a password for your online portal account, then select Submit

    7. Your account has now been set up. 

    Step 2: Attach a Student to your Parent Account

    1. While logged into your account, select the Dependents option on the left navigation bar

    SHIELd home page








    2. Select the Add New Dependent option on the top of the window.

    dependents button screenshot





    3. Fill in the required fields

    4. When finished, select Submit

    5. Your student’s testing information will now be accessible through your parent portal; select the Launch option to view their prior tests. You must log in to access results.

    6. To return to the dependent screen, simply select the Dependents option as shown in step 2 of these instructions.

    If you have questions: Contact the SHIELD patient support line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (217) 265-6059.