• Remote Learning During Quarantine

    The Illinois State Board of Education requires districts to provide remote instruction for students who are under a quarantine order by a local public health department or the Illinois Department of Public Health. 

    District 28 will provide remote learning for our students who are required to quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 test or if they are determined to be a close contact. Students absent for required quarantine after travel will also be eligible. Students will not be eligible for remote learning during travel or for other illnesses. Students who must be absent for extended periods of time (ex. recovering from surgery) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. State law no longer allows the option for full-time remote learning similar to last year’s Remote Learning Academy.

    Teachers may need 24 - 36 hours after receiving notification of quarantined students to send home materials and devices, and communicate meeting schedules to parents.


    If a student is quarantined AND is offered remote learning opportunities AND participates in those opportunities to the extent that it meets district criteria for having "attended" school, that student should be marked as Present.

    If a student is quarantined AND is offered remote learning opportunities, but does not participate in those opportunities, he or she should be marked as Absent, either Excused or Unexcused according to the district's attendance policies.

    Elementary Remote Learning for Quarantine

    • Students will:
      • Access work through Seesaw (K-2) or Google Classroom (3-5)
      • Access content through broadcasting for one core subject per day: math, literacy or science/social studies. At the teacher’s discretion, more than one broadcast may be scheduled. Broadcasting may be live or recorded, or via a scheduled meeting time as determined by the teacher.
      • For specials, independent work will be posted in Seesaw. 
    • Materials necessary to complete assignments will be made available for pick-up in the school office.
    • Staff will provide further information for students with 504 plans or IEPs, as needed. 

    NBJH Remote Learning for Quarantine

    • Students will: 
      • Follow their regular daily schedule
      • Access work through Google Classroom
      • Log into live, broadcasted instruction at the beginning of class periods via Zoom (with the exception of PE and electives)
    • The teacher will broadcast the instruction live via Zoom so that the student at home under quarantine can view and listen to the instructor during class.
    • Students will be excused from class participation for PE and elective courses while quarantined. 

    YE Remote Learning for Quarantine

    Each student will be provided with:
    • a District-issued iPad to access Zoom and Seesaw activities,
    • the YE At-Home Activity Grid with play-based activities in 9 domains of development,
    • an individual daily schedule, which follows a typical YE school day and
    • multiple Zoom sessions for live interactions with YE staff.