SHIELD Illinois Testing

  • District 28 Voluntary Testing

    Northbrook School District 28 has partnered with SHIELD Illinois to offer weekly at-home testing for COVID-19 infection for students and staff members for the 2022-23 school year. Each month, a 4-week supply of testing materials will be sent home with the student. Saliva test samples must be returned to school and dropped in a designated container in the building on Tuesday each week. The samples will be picked up and brought to the lab for processing. Parents will be notified by a District 28 staff member as soon as possible if there is a positive case. Parents may also create an account with SHIELD Illinois to receive notice directly.

    Opt-in or Opt-Out 

    If you wish to CHANGE your child’s status, please complete this form.  At-home tests are distributed once a month on the last Thursday of the month. Status updates must be submitted by noon on the last Monday of the month to receive kits.

    If your child had a positive case, they are automatically opted out of SHIELD testing. Parents who wish to reinstate SHIELD testing after 90 days need to complete the change-in-status form linked above.

    Additional links

    See a demonstration video on how to complete at-home sample collection.

    SHIELD Results are reported on the District 28 COVID Dashboard  

    Learn more about SHIELD Illinois