2023-24 Student Fees

  • Parents will be asked to update student information and pay fees for the coming school year in April, 2023. Fees are as follows: 

    Young Explorers

    Deposit Only: $50

    Full Year Tuition: $4,400

    Elementary Grades K-5

    Curricular Fee: $145 (K-5)

    Milk Fee: $15

    NBJH Grades 6-8

    Curricular Fee: $150 (6-8)

    Calculator: $15

    Graduation Gown: $18 (8th grade only)

    Graduation Fee: $20 (8th grade only)

    Paperback Book: Varies by grade

    Student Planner: $9

    Technology Fee: $10

    Yearbook: $35 

    Outdoor Education (6th grade): $225


    YE Bus Fee: $846

    K-8 First Rider: $526 -Second Rider: $409-Third Rider: $293; 4 or more: no charge

    Late registration fee (after July 18th) $10 per rider

    Field Trip $10 per trip