• Summer School Course Descriptions for Grade 3-4

    • Cost per class is $110.00 (plus Lab fees as listed in the description)      
    • All classes have a maximum of 14 students.
    • In the event we pivot to a remote learning platform, we will offer course titles highlighted in red.  All other courses will only be offered in person.  
  • Book Club Period 2, Grades 3-4 ($10 Lab Fee)

    Share your ideas, opinions, and insights about the characters and conflict in a particular book. Book Club is an exciting and joyful experience, filled with laughter. Come and join our discussion!

    Brain Games Period 4, Grades 3-4 ($15 Lab Fee)

    Students will practice different strategies for problem solving through Brain Games! Games & puzzles like Sudoku, KenKen, Rush Hour, Blokus, Smart Games, IQ games, Brain Teasers, Einstein Puzzles, and Spatial Reasoning puzzles help students develop their brains and thinking skills! Strategies, rules, and patterns are taught to help complete each puzzle and focus on brain development.

    Cartooning for Beginners!  Period 4, Grades 3-4 ($15 Lab Fee)

    This engaging class will provide students with a fun and creative opportunity to use art in combination with literacy to explore key elements of storytelling. Students will learn to draw characters, to use storyboarding and cartooning techniques to create interesting characters & settings, and to successfully navigate a story visually and with words.

    Chess Period 2 & Period 3, Grades 3-4

    The game of chess is an awesome game of strategy! This course is for beginners and teaches students how to play chess and develop strategies to be successful players. Students will learn names and movements associated with each chess piece and how to capture your opponent’s pieces. Kings, queens, knights, and bishops...the game of chess has it all.

    Creating on the iPad Period 1 & Period 2, Grades 3-4

    Students will use current programs like Photo Booth, Book Creator, & Garage Band along with a handful of others. They will choose from a variety of projects that include greeting cards, comics, and more.

    Creative Writing Period 2, Grades 3-4 ($5 Lab Fee)

    Students will engage in a variety of experimental creative writing exercises that will enable them to express themselves in fresh and unique ways.

    Cursive Writing, Grade Period 1, Grades 3-4 ($5 Lab Fee)

    Join us to learn & review the art of cursive writing. Students will have the opportunity to practice cursive letters and text with a variety of formats and writing utensils. Students will learn letters and how to connect them. This class will help students develop their own personal style of handwriting.

    Ecology Kids Period 2, Grades 3-4 ($10 Lab Fee)

    Children enjoy hands-on fun with science, nature, games, and ecologically friendly art-projects. Learning topics include bugs, the water cycle, habitats, food chains, pollution, and recycling.

    Floor Hockey Period 3 & Period 4, Grades 3-4

    Hockey fundamentals as well as game strategy, teamwork, sportsmanship, and safety will be stressed each week. All activities will be modified for all students to participate safely.

    From Page to Stage Period 3, Grades 3-4

    Students will work together to write, revise, and perform their very own original plays! This class will help to develop writing and performing skills. We will work towards a performance at the end of summer school so students will need to be available to perform with the class in the last week of summer school.

    Fun & Games Period 3 & Period 4, Grades 3-4 ($5 Lab Fee)

    Ready to come and have some FUN! Join us to play a variety of socially distant games. Students will work on cooperative learning, problem solving, and decision-making skills.

    Gardening Period 2 & Period 4, Grade 3-4 ($20 Lab Fee)

    Dig into our district vegetable garden this summer. Students will participate in planting & harvesting. This class will include nutrition, study of plants, ecology and garden-themed crafts.

    Globetrotters Two Period 1, Grades 3-4 ($15 Lab Fee)

    Grab your passport, and let’s take a trip around the world!  Using print and online resources, we will visit 8 countries. Travelers will research each country, and learn about the history and culture. They will also listen to folktales, create craft projects, and write postcards home from their daily travels! If you have taken Globetrotters 1, we visit different countries in Globetrotters 2.

    Jewelry Making Period 1, Grade 3-4 ($20 Lab Fee)

    Learn how to make bracelets, anklets, earrings and necklaces using different techniques. Each week will focus on a different piece of jewelry.

    Keeping a Writer’s Notebook Period 4, Grades 3-4 ($10 Lab Fee)

    Each student will be given a Writer’s Notebook. This is a safe place for students to keep ideas and thoughts like real authors do. We will explore different genres and mentor text. The students will explore ideas, develop volume, revise, edit and publish final pieces of their writing. This will be accomplished through a Writer’s Workshop format. This class is based on a Ralph Fletcher idea of keeping a Writer’s Notebook.

    Literacy Studio Period 2, Grades 3-4 ($10 Lab Fee)

    Literacy Studio is the place to be if you love to read and write! We will spend our days together reading books, listening to stories read aloud, and writing our own creative stories. Students will also be given opportunities to use technology tools during this class. Many choices will be given so that your child can spend time doing what they love the most! Students will focus on different themes each week including both fiction and non-fiction types of literacy.

    Making Books Period 3 & Period 4, Grades 3-4 ($15 Lab Fee)

    Join us for daily adventures in writing. We’ll read fun stories and make up stories of our own to share with others. Students will read mentor texts and have the opportunity to create books based upon their life stories. Students will practice gathering ideas, writing stories, and illustrating their books.

    Mindful Coloring Period 2, Grades 3-4 ($10 Lab Fee)

    Think meditation through coloring! Students complete activities while also learning how to relax, decompress, and use coloring to destress. Coloring strategies and organization are taught; but freedom to explore, create, and be unique is also highly encouraged!

    Outdoor Noodle Games Period 1, Period 3, & Period 4, Grades 3-4 ($10 Lab Fee)

    Students will participate in different games and activities involving pool noodles and other pieces of equipment. The pool noodles will be used to help ensure students are keeping a safe distance from one another while learning team building skills.

    Painting and Design Period 2 & Period 3, Grades 3-4 ($20 Lab Fee)

    Join us to learn the fundamentals of painting and design. Students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of art and design by exploring different principles and techniques using a variety of materials. Students will engage in a variety of experiences that will culminate in a final piece: a beautifully crafted landscape painting.

    Scrapbooking Period 1, Grades 3-4 ($20 Lab Fee)

    Learn to put together a fun, creative scrapbook by decorating pages with your own photos! Students will learn how to cut pictures into unique shapes, write in creative ways, and organize in an unforgettable way!

    Soccer, Kickball, and More!  Period 3, Grades 3-4

    Students will be able to participate in a wide variety of soccer and kickball activities. Each activity is designed to promote skill and fitness development. Games that will be played will encourage students to cooperate with each other and teach team building skills. This is an outdoor sports class and all activities will be modified for all students to participate safely.

    Theatre Games Period 1, Grades 3-4

    This class will provide practice of basic acting skills through fun & engaging theatre games. Regardless of your acting ability, you can work on body movement, voice and concentration while having fun at the same time!

    Time for Tech Period 3 & Period 4, Grades 3-4

    This is the perfect class for the student who loves technology, being creative, and trying out new learning resources and skills. We will be spending part of our class time daily brushing up on our keyboard skills. We will use new technology tools & skills to create projects.

    Track & Field with Unique Games Period 1, Grades 3-4

    Students will learn various track & field events, and we will explore unique games. We will play traditional and non-traditional games from other regions of the world. We will focus on fitness, fun & game play daily. This is an outdoor sports class, and all activities will be modified for all students to participate safely.

    Ultimate Sports Period 1 & Period 2, Grades 3-4

    Come experience what Ultimate Sports is all about! Students will be introduced to and explore a wide variety of diamond and field sports. This is an outdoor class, and all activities will be modified for all students to participate safely.

    Yoga Period 3, Grades 3-4

    This class will introduce students to a variety of basic yoga styles with an emphasis on breathing, flexibility, and balance. The goal will be to develop a low-impact practice to enhance sports performance, dance, and overall agility by connecting yoga to relaxation, internal and external awareness, and self-acceptance. Participants will need to bring their own mat, which they may leave in the classroom for the duration of the summer session.