Class of 2025 Placement

  • Northbrook Junior High and Glenbrook North High School educators work together to thoughtfully discuss every 8th-grader for placement in his or her freshman year courses. Our mutual goal is for each student to be treated as an individual. GBN courses are rigorous and college preparatory.  Students should feel challenged but not overwhelmed.

    From year to year, we see variances in class placement, which reflect the particular strengths and characteristics of each class.  We are thankful for our partnership with the high school and the extent to which they continue to engage with us to increase transparency, share more data, and prepare our students for success.

    We have now received the preliminary data on the placement of our current 8th-grade class in the following academic subject areas:  English, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, and Math. The initial placements for these subjects remain both proportional to our class size at GBN and in line with historic trends for regular core courses, with reasonable variances for the particular graduating class. Honors courses show appropriately higher variances given the nature of smaller groups.

    We are proud of everything this year’s 8th-grade students have learned and accomplished thus far and look forward to seeing them continue their growth and development.

    GBN placement chart by class